Spooky Empire – A Frightfully Good Time!

It’s now been a week since Spooky Empire, and I’m almost recovered. Except I’m still dealing with some con crud. Whoever it was walking around the con carrying the bug that I picked up, I will find you, and I will cough all over you. Ugh.

It was worth it, though! I had so much fun, and we gave away and sold SO much coffee. 400 bags! I was gobsmacked, let me tell you. It was hugely successful, and we can’t wait to go back. Not to mention everyone there is so much fun. I barely left the vendor room, but I don’t feel like I missed anything, because there were so many people around all the time.

I would like to point out that while I’ve been to a number of geek and anime conventions, this year’s May-Hem is the first horror con I’ve personally attended (though CSoH has been to many) And now, if you’ll allow me to ramble, there were a few things I noticed at Spooky Empire  that really impressed me, and made me happy, and I’d like to share.

1) Horror Convention-goers are Super Friendly
Seriously, I don’t think I’ve been to a con with more positive energy. Everyone was in a good mood, everyone was having a good time, vendors were doing what they love, fans were experiencing what they love, the excitement was palpable. I get funny looks from folks back home when I tell them horror people are the nicest people, but it really seems true.

2) Coffee Makes People Really Happy To See You
This is kinda a no brainer, but it really does make you feel good when people thank you so profusely just for giving them a cup o’ joe. It really is nice to feel needed

3) Kittens Make the Cutest Zombies
To the family who had the kitten in the zombie-bite kitty sweater, O M G, cutest thing ever!

4) Coffee Urns are Really Heavy
Especially when filled with 100 cups of water. Boy did I get a workout over the weekend

5) Florida Get Hotter by 9:30am than Canada does All Day.
I was melting! Dear lord, people, how do you survive!?

6) It’s Possible to get a Contact High Around a Coffee Booth
Especially with all the grinding and coffee dust in the air. I barely had to drink it and I was wired all weekend!

7) Finding the Perfect Choice for someone is Super Satisfying
There really were few better feelings over the weekend than having someone come up, asking me to recommend a coffee to them, and after a couple of questions, picking one out, opening it up for them to sniff, and seeing the expression of pleasure sweep across their face while hearing them go “Ahhhh, that’s the one!” It just feels so good.

8) I Really Wanna go Back!
The good times had, the new friends made, the sights, the experience… I want more. Alas, I’m stuck in Canuckistan. Perhaps someday we’ll get big enough that I can move!

Overall, it was just an overwhelmingly positive experience to get to be at Spooky Empire. Thanks so much to all our fans and all the friends we made over the weekend! You’re awesome!


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