Tasty Christmas Treats

The holidays are upon us! Blustering snow and chilly temperatures mean it’s a perfect time for a hot coffee drink. Well, if you live up north that is. But hey, even if it’s not cold, it’s still time for a hot coffee drink! So let’s scour the web for some tasty coffee recipes to keep us bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (if you’re a werewolf that is).


Eggnog Coffee Punch

Ok, this looks great if you like that noggy goodness (or is that evilness? I can never remember which term to use around here). I think I’m gonna have to try this one at the family Christmas get-together. Maybe I’ll even let them have some. Or maybe I’ll keep it all to myself. I’m not sure yet.


Spiced Christmas Coffee with Brandied Whipped Cream

I’m sold just at the whipped cream. But I’m not going to turn down spiced coffee either. And why is nutmeg so darn popular for drinks this time of year? Not that I’m complaining mind you, but I think I might start buying nutmeg futures in November from now on.


Christmas Coffee Cocktail

Ok, enough of being namby-pamby and only putting alcohol in the whipped cream. Time for a full on cocktail. With 4 different liqueurs. Because just adding whiskey to coffee was getting too simple.


Orange Christmas Tea

For some reason, I’ve always associated oranges with the holidays. Maybe it’s because my grandparents would send us a box of them from Florida. Maybe it’s because there was always one in the toe of my stocking. Whatever the case, for those of you wanting a more citrusy taste, and who like to ward off scurvy during the winter, this looks like a delightful way to brew tea.


Spiced Christmas Tea

Of course, if we’re going to have spiced coffee, we need spiced tea to go with it. This version looks like it’s one of the more labor intensive ways to get a nice cuppa, but boy does it look tasty. And bonus, it’s good for you.


Hopefully this gives you some good ideas for keeping out the chill (or just finding something tasty). Oh, and I certify every recipe is garlic and wolfsbane free, so it’s safe for you creatures of the night. We wouldn’t want to leave you out in the cold! So get those hot drinks brewing and have a Scary Christmas, everyone!


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