Brazilian Oberon Blend 2lb bag - Phil Nutman's Wet Work

Brazilian Oberon Blend 2lb bag - Phil Nutman's Wet Work

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Inspired by Nutman's enduringly popular, 1993 bestselling, Bram Stoker Award-nominated novel which has been cited as the detonating book which opened the floodgates for the plethora of zombie novels you can find at your local chain store, WET WORK is a secret recipe combining the subtle nutty taste of Brazilian beans with the full body of rich Colombian coffee.

Brazil is the largest supplier of coffee beans in the world. the low-acid sweet coffee beans from Brazil make for an excellent base when it comes to creating specialty blends. Mix that with high quality Colombian beans, with their smooth taste and good brightness and body, and this slow-roasted dark blend becomes a genuine eye-opener in the morning which will keep you charged throughout the day. (*and every cup is guaranteed "Chock Full O' Nutman!"™).

The label was designed and illustrated by acclaimed artist Mark Maddox.

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