Costa Rican Tarrazu 5lb bag - Black Dog

Costa Rican Tarrazu 5lb bag - Black Dog

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Our Black Dog - Costa Rican Tarrazu is noted for its full body and richness. Its good balance of  fine acidity, very good body and a very good aroma, gives it an earthy flavor and a bite you won’t want to forget.

Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee beans are grown in the Tarrazu region, located in central Costa Rica and known for the rich volcanic soil of the mountain valleys. Grown between 1250 and 1700 meters, Our Black Dog uses only the highest grade Costa Rican Tarrazu available - 100% Strictly Hard Beans (SHB).

The long growth time and low yield of Tarrazu beans ensures that they are consistent and full of body, making for a higher quality bean. This is the coffee you want when going beyond the ordinary.

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