Southern Pecan 2oz sample - Big Top Brew

Southern Pecan 2oz sample - Big Top Brew

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Nothing can wake you up and start your morning better than three evil clowns under your bed. But… since Giggles, Thug and Boss can't be under every bed, every morning, they have decided to create a whole bean blend of coffee that will do the trick instead. From the shadows of their minds comes a Southern Pecan Blend that will have you looking around every corner for another cup. Fiendishly smooth and rich, The Big Top Brew will slowly enter your mind and stay there just as the image of an evil clown can. Because Giggles, Thug and Boss are concerned with your health choices, you can rest your scrambled brain knowing that they have taken great care in bringing you a coffee that is both Gluten free and Vegan!

While we're located in Central Florida, our roastery was directly in the path of Hurricane Florence.
The good news is our roastery is safe! The bad news is they've got a lot of road closures due to flooding in the area, so our coffee shipments are delayed.
We are sending out every order as soon as we can. Some of your orders will be missing a couple of items that will ship in a few days once we're restocked.
We apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding.
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