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Morning Blend

Medium Roast

Medium roasted South American and Indonesian Blend.

Our most popular blend!

Wet Work

Brazilian Oberon

Dark Roast

Brazilian Santos Oberon beans dark roasted. Fruity and acidic.

Mornings Are Evil

Latin American Blend

Dark Roast

Central and South American dark roast blend. A smooth and mellow dark roast.

Dead Waters

Chicory Colombian

Italian Roast

Italian Roasted Colombian Supremo blended with Roasted Chicory Root. A taste of New Orleans.

My Little Friend

Colombian Supremo

Italian Roast

Italian Roasted Colombian Supremo beans for a dark, rich cup of coffee.

Black Dog

Costa Rican Tarrazu

Medium Roast

Medium Roast Costa Rican Tarrazu beans with a medium acidity and a slight bite.

Zombie Dirt

Espresso Blend

Dark Roast

Dark Roast Espresso blend excellent for not just espresso.

Krampus Yuletide Terror

Ethiopian Harrar

Medium Roast

A lightly acidic medium roast with flavor hints of berries and chocolate.

Burial Grounds

Dark Roast Blend

Dark Roast

A blend that combines beans from Latin America, Africa, and Indonesia, creating a dark roast with a deep rich taste and a low acidity

Witches Brew

Guatemalan Antigua

Medium Roast

An excellent all day coffee. Light and smooth with medium acidity.

La Llorona

Mexican Altura

Medium Roast

A medium roast of beans grown in high altitude volcanic soil gives a rich flavor and medium acidity.

Graveyard Shift

Mocha Java

Medium Roast

A lovely blend of Ethiopian Harrar and Indonesian Java beans produce this light acidity coffee with the flavor of chocolate. Excellent hot or iced!

Bigger Boat

New England Blend

Medium Roast

We've perfected the balance of acidity, body, aroma, and flavor that is found in only the most supreme coffees into this medium roasted blend.

Spooky Empire Brew

Premium Dark Blend

Dark Roast

Our Premium blend of coffee beans, dark roasted to give you a rich, full-flavored cup of coffee.


Medium/Dark Roast

Medium roasted Central American coffees and dark roasted Indonesian beans to produce a full-bodied coffee with a nutty tone.

Skull Island

Sumatran Mandheling

Medium Roast

A very full-bodied bean with an intense earthy flavor, and one of the lowest degrees of acidity of any of our coffees.

Shrieking Toad

Tanzanian Peaberry

Medium Roast

An African coffee characterized by its sharp, winy acidity, medium body and moderately rich flavor. It's also 50% higher in caffeine content than other coffees. It'll put a spring in your step!

Flavored Coffees



Medium Roast

Show White's Enchanted Apple

Apple Strudel

Medium Roast

Hare'm Scare'm

Autumn Spice

Medium Roast

I Want to Believe

Banana Creme Pie

Medium Roast

Violet's Explosion


Medium Roast

Boogie's Nightmare

Butterscotch Toffee

Medium Roast

Caramel Scream

Caramel Creme

Medium Roast

Woodbaby Blend

Chocolate Caramel

Medium Roast

Killer Robots

Chocolate Cherry

Medium Roast

Judgemint Day

Chocolate Mint

Medium Roast

Dark Passenger

Dark Chocolate Orange

Medium Roast


Chocolate Raspberry

Medium Roast

Siren Song

Toasted Coconut

Medium Roast

Buttons' Big Top Brew

Creme Brulee

Medium Roast

Le Petit Mort

French Vanilla

Medium Roast

The Nuthouse

Hazelnut Creme

Medium Roast

The Quickening

Highlander Grogg

Medium Roast

Kill-Devil Rum-Ble

Smooth Rum & Caramel

Medium Roast

Tiki-Thulu Terror

Kaluha Creme

Medium Roast

Game Over

Peanut Butter Cup

Medium Roast

Ichabod's Dame

Pumpkin Spice

Medium Roast

House of Tortured Souls

Raspberry Hazelnut

Medium Roast

Tribal Screams

Roasted Chestnut

Medium Roast

Big Top Brew

Southern Pecan

Medium Roast

Bubba the Redneck Werewolf

Spiced Bourbon

Medium Roast

Bouncer's Big Top Brew

Toasted Macaroon

Medium Roast

V for Vanilla Cinnamon

Vanilla Cinnamon

Medium Roast


Vanilla Hazelnut Creme

Medium Roast

Stranger Brew

Waffles & Syrup

Medium Roast

Winter Soldier

White Russian

Medium Roast