5 Things to NOT Do With Coffee

As much as I love drinking coffee, I do appreciate alternate uses for it. I’ve talked about such things before, using it as everything from a beauty products to gardening, and it’s pretty cool what uses people can come up with.

Then again, there are some uses for coffee that boggles my mind. Things that you should never do. Here are some of those uses.


Do not use coffee as Kitty Litter

Yes, coffee is odor absorbing. Yes, you can grind it up into litter-sized granules No, you should not put it in the cat box. Not only does it not absorb liquids, you risk the dog eating the kitty-litter (because let’s face it, dogs eat anything) and getting a caffeine buzz. And then you get a completely hyped up dog terrorizing your cat, and that’s when your cat kills you in your sleep. Not recommended.


Do not use coffee as Oil

I know, I know, the coffee in the break room may have the taste and consistency of an oily sludge, but it really won’t work to keep your engine running smoothly.


Do not use coffee as Building Material

The three little pigs may have made houses out of hay and sticks, but we all know how that turned out. Coffee has a similar structural integrity. Also, you’ll be tempted to grind up your house and drink it. That’s a way to rapidly run out of house.


Do not use coffee as Vampire Repellant

You’re confusing coffee for garlic. Stop it.


Do not use coffee as an Enema

I’m sadly not joking about this one. Some people actually do this to ‘detoxify’. This is not right. I do not care what you’ve heard, I implore you, do not stick the coffee up your butt!


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