5 Cool Coffee Contraptions

Yes, I appreciate alliteration.

Anyway, the coffee industry is pretty fascinating. Some people may not think beyond their morning cup o joe, but there’s a lot of cool concepts and ideas that entrepreneurs and inventors come up with to support this most compelling of beverages. Check these out:

Biodegradable Coffee Cups with Seeds

Not only do these cups mitigate the problem of litter and clogged-up landfills, they even grow a new tree when they decompose. I grew up with a forest in my backyard and we’d always find litter messing it up, so I think this is super cool


Robotic Pour-over Coffee Machine

Pour-over coffee is delicious, but it takes forever to make, and it has to be done really precisely to come out right. It’s a painstaking process. This machine removes much of the guesswork, while letting multiple pour-overs be made at once. It’s pretty sweet.


Steampunk Coffee Makers

Steampunk coffee makers may not necessarily be a huge jump forward for coffee making technique, but they sure are a leap in style. I’d love to have this.


Coffee Powered Vehicles

Don’t worry, this truck doesn’t actually run on brewed coffee! I wouldn’t want to have to share my morning wake-up juice with my car. What it does run on is the chaff left over from roasting coffee. I like seeing good uses for waste.


Cup Holder Umbrella

Not sure if amazing or ridiculous


Forget about necessity. Coffee is the mother of invention.


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