A Frank Interview

P.J.  Hi again everyone. P.J. here, and today I’ve traveled all the way to Geneva to speak with Doctor Frankenstein. Evening Doc, how are you doing?

Frankenstein  Couldn’t be better. Couldn’t be better. Things are going smashingly well.

P.J.  I’m glad to hear that. Say, where’s your monster? I expected him to be here.

Frankenstein  Oh, he’s out and about, getting into some kind of mischief I’m sure. Oh the stories he comes back with. He keeps me in stitches I tell you!

P.J.  You don’t say? Well, no matter. It’s easier to interview one person at a time, after all. So let me start off with the first question I always ask in my interviews. How do you take your coffee?

Frankenstein  As strong as possible, with lots of sugar! I like a good shock to the system to start my day.

P.J.  Well that takes care of my next question. I was going to ask when you drink your coffee, but you sound like you’re the first thing in the morning type.

Frankenstein  Oh yes, first thing in the morning, next thing in the morning, for brunch, at lunch, during afternoon tea…

P.J.  Doesn’t that much coffee make you nervous?

Frankenstein  Of course not! I’m perfectly fine. Nothing to be nervous of. Nothing at all. … did you hear something?

P.J.  No, can’t say that I did. Say, Doctor, I have a question I’ve always wanted to ask. How did that huge jolt of electricity bring your monster to life?

Frankenstein  Oh, that’s a complete misunderstanding! The lightning wasn’t to bring the monster to life!

P.J.  It wasn’t? Then what was it for?

Frankenstein  To power the percolator! A current that large could keep it going for quite some time.

P.J. Then what brought the monster to life?

Frankenstein  The coffee of course! Poured 8 pints of the stuff into his veins! I always knew coffee was a good pick me up, so I thought I’d see just how much it could pick up. The monster was ready to go lickety-split!

P.J.  I never would have guessed. So you’ve been a coffee drinker for a long time then?

Frankenstein  Oh goodness no, it’s a habit I picked up rather recently.

P.J.  Really? What prompted you to start?

Frankenstein  Oh, no reason really. Just can’t sleep. Can’t sleep. Gotta stay awake. Never know when it will come back.

P.J. Ok… you’re kind of freaking me out now doc.

Frankenstein  No, no, no worries. Just gotta have a fresh pot on all the time. Never create a coffee addict. It will get VERY angry if you don’t have more ready for it.

P.J.  Right. Well, I’ll just let myself out then, Wouldn’t want to overstay my welcome.

Frankenstein  Sure you don’t want to stay for a cup?

P.J.  I probably shouldn’t take any. Wouldn’t want you to run out. Bye now!

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