Great People of Coffee – Holy Beans!

Hello boys and ghouls, it’s time for another episode of Great People of Coffee! Where we look back at some of the most influential people in the history of our dark nectar. Why do we do this? Because history is important, bitches. So sit down and read the fuck up.

 Pope Clement VIII
Oh, wait, we’re starting with a pope. Better cut down on the swearing then, huh? Well, anyways, I’m sure the burning question on your mind is why a pontiff is included in a list of people influential in the history of coffee. Well, the stories out there say that it was his blessing that allowed the spread of coffee to flourish in Europe.

You see, coffee was invented by the Arabs. It was seen as a Muslim drink. So when it started becoming popular among the people of Europe, around 1600, high ranking officials in the church decided they had to curb the spread of this “bitter invention of Satan”.

Thankfully, the pope had better taste than his underlings. Wanting to know what he’d be condemning, he took a sip of coffee, and proclaimed “This devil’s drink is so delicious…we should cheat the devil by baptizing it.” Well, with the pope’s blessing, coffee was free to spread across the continent. I’m glad this pope was no dope.

Angelo Moriondo
I sit here in a coffee shop, typing away, and every so often, I hear the whoosh of pressurized water being forced through finely ground coffee, and Angelo Moriondo comes to mind. … OK, he doesn’t really. What comes to mind is that my cup’s almost empty and I need more. But his name is still important, because Angelo is the man who invented the espresso machine!

At least, we think he is. There is an old patent by him for a machine that brews coffee with water and pressure, but that’s about it. Apparently, he was a great inventor, but really sucked as a marketer. Otherwise, we would have had Moriondo Machines in coffee shops around the world. Pity dude, you blew it.

Alan Adler
I’m getting really really recent now, but I count Alan as one of the Great People of Coffee, because damn I love my Aeropress, and he’s the one who invented it. What I really love is, he’s also the guy who invented the Aerobie. I had a few of those growing up, they were my favorite flying disc, and now he’s made my favorite coffee maker. Seriously, this dude is awesome.

So why did a toy inventor make one of the best coffee makers I’ve used? He thought coffee was too bitter, and wanted a way to brew a smoother cup. The longer coffee grounds are in water, the more of the bitter chemicals leach out, so Alan figured he could use pressure to reduce the amount of time that was needed to brew his coffee. So he got a plastic tube, a plunger, and came up with this deceptively simple invention. I admit, I’m glad he did.

So there you have it, three more Great People of Coffee History. From pontiffs to plungers, I say, holy cow, I’m glad these guys were around.

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