Making No Bones About the Coffee

The other day, I was visiting the art studio, and I was musing about some of the weirdness I’ve been encountering lately. I mean, I’ve met vampires, werewolves, all sorts of monsters, and they’ve all been happy to sit down and have an interview with me. I was thinking about whether this could be because I was more open to the supernatural since starting to work for the coffee shop, or if it was just the hallucinations of my caffeine-addled brain, when the skeleton they have mounted for anatomy drawings assured me that it was perfectly normal and to not worry about it.

Well, who am I to argue with someone who smiles so much? And then I figured, well, I have some time, and he’s just hanging around, so why not interview the skeleton?

P.J.: Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Mister…

Skeleton: Call me Bones.

P.J.: I should have guessed. So tell me, Bones, do you drink coffee?

Skeleton: Of course. When you have to hold a pose for several hours because someone’s drawing you, well, you can’t just nod off. I gotta keep myself alert. Standing still takes a lot of concentration.

P.J.:  And how do you take your coffee?

Skeleton: Doesn’t really matter, it just goes right through me! Hah!

P.J.: That wasn’t very humerus.

Skeleton: Well if you don’t like my jokes, you shouldn’t come to this joint.

P.J.: But if I didn’t, then we couldn’t jaw with each other.

Skeleton: Are you serious about that, or are you just ribbing me?

P.J.: Oh come on, you know I would show you nothing but tendon loving care.

Skeleton: But will you still be here to-marrow?

P.J.: Ok, ok, enough of that. Can I ask you a serious question?

Skeleton: Socket to me!

P.J.: … sure. I was just wondering how you got a job here?

Skeleton: Well, I was just hanging around, and someone said “Hey! I’ll give you 20 bones if you let me draw you”. And it doesn’t hurt to have extras, so I figured, why not? Then I found out they meant money, but that works too.

P.J.: Sounds good. So where do you plan to go from here?

Skeleton: Probably back into the storage closet.

P.J.: Doesn’t that get boring?

Skeleton: It’s not that bad, except that I’m scared of the dark.

P.J.: Really? I thought the undead were all about the dark.

Skeleton: You’d think so, but I keep stubbing my phalanges! That hurts!

P.J.: Wait a minute, you don’t even have eyes. How is it that darkness makes a difference?

Skeleton: Look, I don’t have to explain myself to you! Just because other undead like the dark doesn’t mean I have to toe the line!

P.J.: Aaaaand we’re done here. Thanks for the interview, Bones. Hang tight.

Skeleton: Have a good one, meat-bag.

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