It Rubs the Coffee on Its Skin

Don’t worry, no hoses involved. … yet

 But a lot of this stuff:



Coffee? Oil? Sodium Hydroxide? What mad science are we up to!?  Well lately the Minion has taken up a new hobby. Soap making. Minions worrying about personal hygiene. Go figure. Our minion is a little crazy as well, so he likes to try out all kinds of weird things (seriously, he puts mango in coffee. Don’t ask) so he had this crazy brainstorm to try making caffeinated soap by using coffee instead of water in his recipe.

 Don’t forget, Sodium Hydroxide is a caustic chemical! Safety first! It may be in vogue for minions to be horribly disfigured (just look at Igor), but there’s no need to hasten the process.


Once all safety precautions have been taken, it’s time to add the lye to the water, or in this case, coffee. ALWAYS add lye to liquid, not the other way around. The Minion has heard this can cause some kind of eruption, and has been tempted to try it the wrong way around, for science, but again, there’s that horrible disfigurement thing.



The lye has been added. You don’t want to drink this coffee anymore, trust me. Worst case of heartburn ever coming up.



Next is the oil. Mixing the different kinds, getting it properly mixed and melted. Someday I need to ditch the pot and get a cauldron.



And then, we mix it together, adding some colouring and coffee extract because if coffee soap is the goal, the Minion feels he may as well go the whole way and make it as coffee-ish as possible.


Once everything is properly mixed, it’s time to pour it into the molds. Minion is messy. He spills



And voilà! We have coffee soap! Yes, very obviously a first attempt, the recipe will be refined.20150126_221706.jpg


But before we refine it, we must know what needs to be refined, so it’s time to test it out. No, there’s no picture. Seriously, you don’t want to see pictures of Minion in the shower. At least not if you want to maintain your sanity.

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