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About Us

Welcome to the Coffee Shop of Horrors where we’ve been selling frighteningly good coffee since 2007!

Quiver in fear at our variety of beans from around the world (our Latin American and African beans are Fair Trade)! Tremble in terror when you witness our plethora of flavored coffees! Scream in horror when confronted with our certified organic tea!

Based out of Orlando, Florida (and if Orlando doesn’t scare you, nothing will), we ship only the freshest coffee and tea across the US and Canada. We roast our beans to order, and grind to your specifications if you desire.

All of our flavored coffees are flavored with only natural oils, extracts, and spices. And our regional coffees are all Fair Trade or sourced from Women’s Collectives. We feel it’s important that or products are ethically sourced and produced.

We will sell nothing that’s over 14 days old. Anything older than that, we face the horror, and drink it ourselves – then we can roast more fresh for you. That’s the kind of sacrifice we’re willing to make!

So come on in and get your coffee and tea from us, before the thing sneaking up behind your back gets you! Eeek!