Peach Black Loose Leaf Tea – Peach Invasion


Try this perfectly peachy brew. This blend of black tea, peach essence and dried fruit makes this tea taste out of this world. We’ll probe the deepest depths of your taste buds with this peach of a beverage. It will be a pleasurable experience, we promise.

Don’t try to resist. The invasion of your cup and saucer with this tea that’s terrific hot or iced is nearly complete. You will submit to the peachy perfection.

Peach Invasion artwork designed by Mike Groves –

Tea Type:Black Tea
Ingredients:Black tea, sunflower petals and flavor
Origin:Sri Lanka
Brewing Tips:
  1. Start with cold water and bring water to a boil.
  2. Add tea leaves, one heaping teaspoon per cup of water. For iced tea, add one level tablespoon.
  3. Pour hot water over leaves and steep 3-6 minutes. Remove or strain tea and enjoy!

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1 ounce sample, 3 ounce bag