Peach Black Loose Leaf Tea – Peach Invasion

Peach Black Loose Leaf Tea – Peach Invasion


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An intense peach brew. This hearty blend of black tea, peach essence and dried fruit makes this a tasty treat.

Terrific hot or iced.

3 ounces of loose leaf tea

Peach Invasion artwork designed by Mike Groves –

Tea Type: Black Tea
Ingredients: Black tea, sunflower petals and flavor
Origin: Sri Lanka
Brewing Tips:
  1. Start with cold water and bring water to a boil.
  2. Add tea leaves, one heaping teaspoon per cup of water. For iced tea, add one level tablespoon.
  3. Pour hot water over leaves and steep 3-6 minutes. Remove or strain tea and enjoy!

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1 ounce sample, 3 ounce bag