Smooth Rum Caramel Flavored Coffee – Debbie Rochon’s Kill-Devil Rum-Ble


You never know what awaits on the high seas. But you know you’ll be alert to face the deep’s mysteries if you imbibe in Debbie Rochon’s Kill-Devil Rum-ble!  This rum caramel flavored coffee will keep you going with its rich flavor whether you’re hunting for treasure or carousing after a hard day of gathering plunder.

We use all natural flavors and oils to blend rum and caramel with our smooth Colombian Supremo beans, the perfect base for a flavored coffee, to bring you a delectable flavored coffee with no chemical aftertaste.

Still not convinced that this rum caramel flavored coffee is going to shiver your timbers? Well you’ll just have to give Debbie Rochon’s Kill-Devil Rum-ble a try. They do say the devil is in the details.

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Artwork for this label was created by Lux Nova – The Art of Morgan Wilson

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8 ounce bag, 2 ounce sample, 2 pound bag, 5 pound bulk


Whole Bean, Ground for Drip Machine, Ground for Keurig, Ground for French Press, Ground for Espresso Machine/Moka Pot, Ground Medium Fine for Pourover, Ground Coarse for Percolator, Ground Coarse for Cold Brew