Chocolate Mint Flavored Coffee – Mint Mayhem


Have you heard the latest news coming over the ether? You can get coffee that tastes like a minty chocolatey treat! This is no grift. Mint Mayhem is a sweet treat that’s perfect to start your day, or sip on late at night as you listen to old time radio shows and movie reviews.

We take all natural flavors and oils, and roast them into our Colombian Supremo coffee, the perfect sweet smooth base to work with these great tastes. This makes a coffee that has all the rich chocolate mint flavor you want with no chemical aftertaste.

You’re gonna blow your wig over Mint Mayhem. Just like the The Late Late Horror Show, it’s aces!

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8 ounce bag, 2 ounce sample, 2 pound bag, 5 pound bulk


Whole Bean, Ground for Drip Machine, Ground for Keurig, Ground for French Press, Ground for Espresso Machine/Moka Pot, Ground Medium Fine for Pourover, Ground Coarse for Percolator, Ground Coarse for Cold Brew