Medium/Dark Blend – Netherworld


Do you know what’s terrifying? What will haunt you forever? Getting the wrong coffee! The perfect blend can wake you up and give you the energy to tackle the day. But the wrong brew just brings disappointment. That’s why you need Netherworld Haunted House. So that you don’t wake up screaming.

This blend combines the best of not just the beans, but the roast, to bring you a truly remarkable cup to start your day off right! We blend Latin American beans that have been treated with a medium city roast to preserve balance and acidity with Indonesian beans that have experienced a dark French roast for the body and complexity that is lacking from the lighter roasts.

This lively, full-bodied coffee is perfect for those who want something deeper than a medium roast but not as bitter as a dark roast. The blend of subtle sweetness with a slight smokey taste, combining tones of chocolate, caramel and spice, will keep all the terrors of the day at bay.

So we invite you to try Netherworld Haunted House and scream with joy at the taste that awaits you in a delectably devilish cup of coffee. Never fear, the caffeine is here.

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8 ounce bag, 2 ounce sample, 2 pound bag, 5 pound bulk


Whole Bean, Ground for Drip Machine, Ground for Keurig, Ground for French Press, Ground for Espresso Machine/Moka Pot, Ground Medium Fine for Pourover, Ground Coarse for Percolator, Ground Coarse for Cold Brew