Peanut Butter Cup Flavored Coffee – Game Over



This coffee is great. It’s effing great, man! How could it not be great with the taste of rich creamy peanut butter paired with your morning brew? Whatever problems you face in the day, however overwhelmed you might feel, Game Over will perk you up and get you moving.

We take our Colombian Supremo coffee beans, a wonderful sweet base coffee to infuse with flavor, and use all natural flavors and oils to roast in the smooth peanut taste to make a coffee you’ll go nuts for.

So be sure to investigate this coffee that’s bursting with flavor! Whether you’re drinking it to start the morning, or as a peanut buttery treat, it’ll make your day anything but Game Over, man!

Allergy Warning: May contain peanut or tree nut products

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8 ounce bag, 2 ounce sample, 2 pound bag, 5 pound bulk


Whole Bean, Ground for Drip Machine, Ground for Keurig, Ground for French Press, Ground for Espresso Machine/Moka Pot, Ground Medium Fine for Pourover, Ground Coarse for Percolator, Ground Coarse for Cold Brew